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The Film Characters of Robert Duvall


Below is a list of the characters Robert Duvall plays in the movies I have reviewed on my Robert Duvall Filmography page. Some characters I love, some I hate, but Robert Duvall makes them all fascinating. In the descriptions below, I hope to convey that to you. These character captions are strictly my own opinions and just a guide. They may not coincide with what Mr. Duvall thinks, or the director, or a critic for The New York Times. In other words, they might be dead wrong. Watch the movies and decide for yourself. Click here to read quotes from some of these films.

 A Civil Action

Robert Duvall starring as Jerome Facher in A Civil ActionJerome Facher

So well-versed in the ways of the law, Facher, an almost bloodless Harvard law professor and big corporation attorney, can terrify subordinates into submission with a few well chosen words while cunningly maneuvering his courtroom opponents into abject failure.

Click here to read the review of "A Civil Action"

 A Family Thing

Robert Duvall starring as Earl Pilcher, Jr. in A Family ThingEarl Pilcher, Jr.

A middle-aged Southern man full of prejudices discovers something about himself that rocks his world, but Earl has courage enough to go on a journey of the heart that stretches all boundaries.

Click here to read the review of "A Family Thing"

 A Night in Old Mexico

Robert Duvall starring as Red Bovie in A Night in Old MexicoRed Bovie

When Red Bovie loses his ranch, he thinks he's ready to check out on life altogether, but his indomitable spirit refuses to give up.

Click here to read the review of "A Night in Old Mexico"

A Shot at Glory 

Robert Duvall starring as Gordon McCloud in A Shot at GloryGordon McCloud

The stubborn, hardheaded manager of a Scottish football team, Gordon battles everyone from his daughter to the owner of his team, but his devotion inspires the love of his wife and the townspeople who recognize his loyalty.

Click here to read the review of "A Shot at Glory"

A Show of Force 

Robert Duvall starring as Howard in A Show of ForceHoward

Despite being somewhat jaded, Howard, the head of a television newsroom in Puerto Rico, is a decent man and a good boss.

Click here to read the review of "A Show of Force"

 Apocalypse Now

Robert Duvall starring as Lt. Col. William "Bill" Kilgore in Apocalypse NowLt. Col. William "Bill" Kilgore

Egocentric, astonishingly oblivious to danger, this mindboggling blood and guts officer in the Viet Nam War isn't in touch with his feminine side because he doesn't have one.

Click here to read the review of "Apocalypse Now"

Assassination Tango 

Robert Duvall starring as John J. in Assassination TangoJohn J.

Refusing to face the wrongness of what he does, this assassin falls deeper into a world of obsessions, searching for love but unable to stop his downward spiral to destruction.

Click here to read the review of "Assassination Tango"

Badge 373 

Robert Duvall starring as Eddie Ryan in Badge 373Eddie Ryan

A 1960s racist cop, Eddie's desire to be a good policeman overrides everything else in his life, and despite his faults, he's courageous, intelligent and refuses to budge from his own concept of honor.

Click here to read the review of "Badge 373"

Belizaire the Cajun 

Robert Duvall in the cameo role of  The Preacher in Belizaire the CajunThe Preacher

An old-time Protestant minister in the Deep South, The Preacher's voice has the cadence and splendor to sooth the souls of hurting individuals.

Click here to read the review of "Belizaire the Cajun"


JRobert Duvall starring as Jay Wagner in Breakeray Wagner

Jay's a confident young businessman until he finds himself locked in a Mexican prison by his evil grandfather, and then he must struggle to keep from losing his sanity.

Click here to read the review of "Breakout"

 Broken Trail

Robert Duvall starring as Prentice Ritter in Broken TrailPrentice "Print" Ritter

Although Prentice Ritter is the valiant kind of trailblazing rancher other men look up to and women fall in love with, he has an armor plate around his heart no woman can break through.

Click here to read the review of "Broken Trail"


Robert Duvall starring as Weissberg in BullitWeissberg

An enigmatic taxi driver who takes a protected witness to a cheap hotel, Weissberg engenders a guessing game--is he what he seems, or not?

Click here to read the review of "Bullitt"

Captain Newman M.D. 

Robert Duvall starring as Capt. Paul Cabot Winston in Captain Newman M.D.Capt. Paul Cabot Winston

A deeply sensitive man who carries a burden of being from a prominent old family, Paul baffles everyone when he returns from WWII in a catatonic state.

Click here to read the review of "Captain Newman M.D."


Officer Bob Hodges

Policeman and family man Bob Hodges has learned to pace himself on the mean streets of Los Angeles to make it to a retirement without burnout, but when a young rookie begins to act like the criminals they combat, Bob explodes in a volcano of fury.

Click here to read the review of "Colors"


Robert Duvall starring as Soll Gautier in ConvictsSoll Gautier

This drunken, cruel, lying plantation owner in the early 1900s has led a debauched life, refusing to forgive his enemies, but Soll is so terrified of being left alone, he makes empty promises of money and friendship.

Click here to read the review of "Convicts"


Robert Duvall starring as Chiz in CountdownChiz

Forceful, abrasive, Chiz is an air force captain who knows he's the right astronaut to be the first man on the moon, and he's dead set on going, but when plans unalterably change, Chiz uses all the resources of his powerful personality to see that the man who does go gets there alive.

Click here to read the review of "Countdown"

 Crazy Heart

Robert Duvall starring as Wayne in Crazy HeartWayne

A compassionate, humorous man, and a recovering alcoholic, Wayne uses what he has learned to stretch out his hand to help others. 

Click here to read the review of "Crazy Heart"

Days of Thunder 

Robert Duvall starring as Harry Hogge in Days of ThunderHarry Hogge

Harry, a seasoned race car professional, has little patience with ineptitude and prefers to let a gruff front hide his heart of gold and tremendous sense of humor.

Click here to read the review of "Days of Thunder"

Deep Impact 

Robert Duvall starring as Spurgeon Tanner in Deep ImpactSpurgeon "Fish" Tanner

Witty, experienced, Tanner is an astronaut with steady hands, nerves of steel, and a devotion to duty and mankind that allows him to face almost certain death with calm equability.

Click here to read the review of "Deep Impact"

Falling Down 

Robert Duvall starring as Detective Prendergast in Falling DownDetective Prendergast

Detective Prendergast carries with him a hidden sorrow, but he's a straight, honest policeman who is crazy about his somewhat shrewish wife--he lets her and his boss call the shots, but only up to a point.

Click here to read the review of "Falling Down"

 Fame is the Name of the Game

Robert Duvall starring as Eddie Franchot in Fame is the Name of the GameEddie Franchot

Eddie's been beaten down by life and knows he's a loser, but he still cares for his ex-wife.

Click here to read the review of "Fame is the Name of the Game"

 Four Christmases

Robert Duvall starring as Howard in Four ChristmasesHoward

A grumpy dad and resentful ex-husband, Howard's bombastic yelling and self-righteous stance is belly-laughing funny.

Click here to read the review of "Four Christmases"

 Geronimo: An American Legend

Robert Duvall starring as Al Sieber in Geronimo: An American LegendAl Sieber

An experienced army scout of superior ability, Al realistically understands himself and his enemies--but has a low opinion of Texans.

Click here to read the review of "Geronimo: An American Legend"

Get Low 

Robert Duvall starring as Felix Bush in Get LowFelix Bush

During the Depression, this ill-tempered hermit professes to want nothing further to do with religion, yet he longs to free himself from the burden of sin he is carrying and make peace with God and others.

Click here to read the review of "Get Low"

Gods and Generals 

Robert Duvall starring as Robert E. Lee in Gods & GeneralsRobert E. Lee

A Confederate general who keeps his enormous ambitions severely in check, Lee's keen sense of duty allows him to shoulder the responsibilities of the army and the entire South, but the burden becomes almost too great at times.

Click here to read the review of "Gods and Generals"

 Gone in Sixty Seconds

Robert Duvall starring as Otto Halliwell in Gone in Sixty SecondsOtto Halliwell

Otto now owns a legitimate car restoration shop, but when an old friend pleads for help to save the life of his kid brother, Otto willingly steps back into a life of crime.

Click here to read the review of "Gone in Sixty Seconds"

 Hemingway & Gellhorn

Robert Duvall stars as General Petrov in Hemingway & GellhornGeneral Petrov

During the Spanish Civil War, this hotheaded Russian general is up to his neck in intrigue--and lust for a beautiful young American reporter.

Click here to read the review of "Hemingway & Gellhorn"

 Hotel Colonial

Robert Duvall starring as Roberto Carrasco (Luca Venieri) in Hotel ColonialRoberto Carrasco (Luca Venieri)

This fiendish hotel owner came to South America to cut his ties with the past, totally embracing a new life of depravation and decadence.

Click here to read the review of "Hotel Colonial"

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 

Robert Duvall in a cameo role as a priest in Invasion of the Body SnatchersPriest on a Swing

At first, he appears to be a nice priest swinging with a group of children on a playground, but with one ominous look, he sends shivers down our spine.

Click here to read the review of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

 Jack Reacher 

Robert Duvall starring as Martin "Gunny" Cash in Jack ReacherMartin "Gunny" Cash

Although Cash possesses a comical sense of humor, his deceptively sharp and suspicious mind has no illusions about his gun range customers.

Click here to read the review of "Jack Reacher"

 Jayne Mansfield's Car

Robert Duvall starring as Jim Caldwell in Jayne Mansfield's CarJim Caldwell

Jim Caldwell finds the present bewildering and clings to a past he doesn't understand, but when his ex-wife's family brings her body home to be buried near him, he's forced to see things differently.

Click here to read the review of "Jayne Mansfield's Car"

Joe Kidd 

Robert Duvall starring as Frank Harlan in Joe KiddFrank Harlan

Overbearing, ruthless, and running over everyone who gets in his way, this despicable Old West landowner nevertheless faces his comeuppance with guts.

Click here to read the review of "Joe Kidd"

John Q 

Robert Duvall starring as Lt. Frank Grimes in John QLt. Frank Grimes

Frank has all the experience and savvy of an older cop on the force; he's compassionate, willing to bend, but not break, the rules.

Click here to read the review of "John Q"

Kicking & Screaming 

Robert Duvall starring as Buck Weston in Kicking & ScreamingBuck Weston

The owner of a sporting goods store, Buck is an unconsciously hilarious and lovable tyrant so uncontrollably aggressive, he competes with everyone he meets, including his own son.

Click here to read the review of "Kicking & Screaming"

 La Peste/The Plague

Robert Duvall starring as Joseph Grand in La Peste/The PlagueJoseph Grand

A desire to do something good and noble helps save this humorous and self-effacing office worker from a horrible death.  

Click here to read the review of "La Peste/The Plague"

 Lady Ice 

Robert Duvall as Ford Pierce in Lady IceFord Pierce

Special Agent Ford Pierce goes by the book, but he's diligent and nobody's fool, at least not for long.

Click here to read the review of "Lady Ice"


Robert Duvall starring as Vernon Adams in LawmanVernon Adams

Accidentally involved in an unintentional death after a long cattle drive, Vernon becomes so desperate to hold on to his small ranch, he's willing to go against the law.

Click here to read the review of "Lawman"

 Let's Get Harry

Robert Duvall starring as Norman Striker in Let's Get HarryNorman Striker

Striker, an experienced mercenary, agrees to go into the jungle to save an American businessman for the money, but along the way, he imparts valuable lessons of boldness and understanding to his raw and untested cohorts.

Click here to read the review of "Let's Get Harry"

Lonesome Dove 

Robert Duvall starring as Augustus "Gus" McCrae in Lonesome DoveCapt. Augustus "Gus" McCrae

Charming, delightfully amiable until he's crossed, Gus is a former Texas Ranger who adheres to the principles of the Old West with unparalleled courage.

Click here to read the review of "Lonesome Dove"

Lucky You 

Robert Duvall starring as L.C. Cheever in Lucky YouL. C. Cheever

L.C. let his compulsive gambling and obsession to win destroy his relationship with his son, but his desire to win one more poker championship in Vegas coincides with a deep wish to make up with his boy.

Click here to read the review of "Lucky You"


Robert Duvall starring as Major Frank Burns in MASHMajor Frank Burns

This foul-tempered, petty surgeon in a Korean War field hospital uses religion to feel superior to other doctors, but when a sexy new nurse arrives, Frank hilariously finds a way to justify his lust.

Click here to read the review of "MASH"


Robert Duvall starring as Frank Hackett in NetworkFrank Hackett

Frank is a profane television executive totally without morals, so super-ambitious, he will stop at nothing to achieve success. 

Click here to read the review of "Network"


JRobert Duvall starring as Joseph Pulitzer in Newsiesoseph Pulitzer

Bombastic, super wealthy and powerful, Pulitzer is so pompous and hardhearted as the owner of The New York World newspaper, he makes a thoroughly enjoyable bad guy.

Click here to read the review of "Newsies"

Open Range 

Robert Duvall as Boss Spearman in Open RangeBoss Spearman

Independent, loyal, gruff and tough Boss isn't a man to look for trouble, but he won't back down from it either.

Click here to read the review of "Open Range"


Robert Duvall starring as Doc Brunder in PhenomenonDoc Brunder

An intelligent small town doctor, Doc is sometimes caustic, often droll, but always intensely faithful and caring to his friends--a thoroughly decent human being.

Click here to read the review of "Phenomenon"

 Rambling Rose

Robert Duvall starring as Daddy Hillyer in Rambling RoseDaddy Hillyer

Daddy Hillyer finds himself tried to the upmost by an almost nymphomaniac young servant, but his decency, honor, and love of family save him from making a disastrous mistake with a girl incapable of being any other way.

Click here to read the review of "Rambling Rose"

 Second Hand Lions

Robert Duvall starring as Hub in Second Hand LionsHub McCann

Hub grouchily lets his nephew spend the summer with him down on the farm, but this eccentric's true goodness soon becomes apparent--and his secret, thrilling past comes to light.

Click here to read the review of "Second Hand Lions"

Seven Days in Utopia 

Robert Duvall starring as Johnny Crawford in Seven Days in UtopiaJohnny Crawford

A lovable, quirky individualist, sometimes bossy, frequently demanding, and often humorous, Johnny is a former golf pro who is also kind enough to teach a young golfer life's lessons on golf and living. 

Click here to read the review of "Seven Days in Utopia"

Sling Blade 

Robert Duvall starring as Karl's Father in Sling BladeKarl's Father

This heartless, mean, white trash father cruelly refuses to recognize his own son.

Click here to read the review of "Sling Blade"

 Something to Talk About 

Robert Duvall starring as Wyly King in Something to Talk AboutWyly King

The wealthy owner of a horse stable, Wyly King professes he "only does something nice once a year," but buried behind the facade of selfish bossiness lies a heart beating just for his wife and family.

Click here to read the review of "Something to Talk About" 


Robert Duvall starring as Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin

As a forceful and charismatic world leader who rose up from poverty, Stalin's lies keep everyone except those closest to him from knowing of his colossal acts of murder and brutality as he becomes increasingly paranoid and reclusive.

Click here to read the review of "Stalin"

Tender Mercies 

Robert Duvall starring as Mac Sledge in Tender MerciesMac Sledge

Mac is a down and out country singer who seeks the love of a good woman to help pull himself together and build his life back in a meaningful way.

Click here to read the review of "Tender Mercies"

Thank You for Smoking 

Robert Duvall starring as The Captain in Thank You for SmokingThe Captain

The Captain is the magnetically handsome owner of a cigarette conglomerate who plays the old Southern gentlemen even as the product of his company kills millions and himself.

Click here to read the review of "Thank You for Smoking"

The Apostle 

Robet Duvall starring as Euliss "Sonny" Dewey in The ApostleEuliss "Sonny" Dewey

A charismatic preacher fraught with personal sins, Sonny nevertheless craves the love of God and people, reaching out to them despite the tragedy he brings upon himself.  

Click here to read the review of "The Apostle"

The Betsy 

Robert Duvall starring as Loren Hardeman III in The BetsyLoren Hardeman III

The hardhearted president of a motor company, Loren battles his grandfather, the founder of the company, because he can't forgive the sin he thinks the old man committed.  

Click here to read the review of "The Betsy"

The Chase 

Robert Duvall starring as Edwin Stewart in The ChaseEdwin Stewart

A pussy-whipped, tattletale bank employee, Edwin manages to generate both sympathy and intense irritation.

Click here to read the review of "The Chase"

 The Conversation

Robert Duvall starring as The Director in The ConversationThe Director

A wealthy executive loves his beautiful and much younger wife, perhaps violently so.

Click here to read the review of "The Conversation"

The Detective 

Robert Duvall starring as Nestor in The DetectiveNestor

Working vice disgusted this young detective, and he's still too green to have yet learned compassion or to keep his mouth shut.

Click here to read the review of "The Detective"

The Eagle Has Landed 

Robert Duvall starring as Max Radl in The Eagle Has LandedMax Radl

Max, a loyal and ambitious German officer, is nevertheless wary of his Nazi superiors, meeting his fate with courage and resignation.

Click here to read the review of "The Eagle Has Landed"

The Gingerbread Man 

Robert Duvall starring as Dixon Doss in The Gingerbread ManDixon Doss

A weirdo with long, filthy hair and dirty feet--Dixon appears to be nothing more than a crazy old man.

Click here to read the review of "The Gingerbread Man"

The Godfather I & II 

Robert Duvall starring as Tom Hagen in The Godfather I & IITom Hagen

Adopted into a family of mobsters as a boy, this otherwise nice man lets misplaced loyalty descend him into a cesspool of evil.

Click here to read the review of "The Godfather I & II"

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid 

Robert Duvall starring as Jesse James in The Great Northfield Minnesota RaidJesse James

A hate-filled Civil War veteran turned outlaw, James is a psychotic, sadistic self-promoter with homosexual leanings.

Click here to read the review of "The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid"

The Great Santini 

Robert Duvall starring as Lt. Col. 'Bull' Meechum in The Great SantiniLt. Col. Wilbur P. "Bull" Meechum

A fighter pilot with the ability to breed admiration and disgust, Bull's wildly competitive nature causes trouble with his Marine superiors and extends to the family he both loves and abuses.

Click here to read the review of "The Great Santini"

 The Greatest

Robert Duvall starring as Bill McDonald in The GreatestBill McDonald

Bill, a boxing commissioner, tries to get a young fighter to keep his mouth shut about rejecting white Christianity and embracing Islam, but decides freedom of religion is what America is all about.

Click here to read the review of "The Greatest"

 The Handmaid's Tale

Robert Duvall as The Commander in The Handmaid's TaleThe Commander

Head of security in a futurist right-wing society, The Commander's life is rife with hypocrisy.

Click here to read the review of "The Handmaid's Tale"

 The Judge

Judge Joseph PalmerJudge Joseph Palmer

A well-respected judge faces a moral dilemma--remain silent and protect his esteemed reputation, or speak the truth and face ruin, but perhaps gain back the son who was lost to him.

Click here to read the review of "The Judge" 

The Killer Elite 

Robert Duvall starring as George Hansen in The Killer EliteGeorge Hansen

George Hansen, a hired killer who does sub-contract work for the CIA, knows no loyalties--his soul is up for sale to the highest bidder.

Click here to read the review of "The Killer Elite"

 The Man Who Captured Eichmann

Robert Duvall starring as Adolf Eichmann in The Man Who Captured EichmannAdolf Eichmann

Having no conception of the spirit of the law, just religiously adhering to its letter, this SS officer absolves himself of all guilt because he was only following his beloved Führer's orders when he transported thousands to their deaths in WWII.

Click here to read the review of "The Man Who Captured Eichmann"

 The Natural

Robert Duvall starring as Max Mercy in The NaturalMax Mercy

As a sports journalist, Max hangs around unsavory wealthy characters and isn't above using a spot of blackmail to find out as much dirt as he can to exploit for his own benefit.

Click here to read the review of "The Natural"

The Outfit 

Robert Duvall starring as Earl Macklin in The OutfitEarl Macklin

In the world of crime, Earl is a stubborn David who goes up against a Goliath to avenge his brother's death.

Click here to read the review of "The Outfit"

The Paper 

Robert Duvall starring as Bernie White in The PaperBernie White

So committed to his newspaper he let everything else fall by the wayside, straight talking, witty publisher Bernie White now wants to salvage what's left of his past before it's too late.

Click here to read the review of "The Paper"

  The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper

Robert Duvall starring as Gruen in The Pursuit of D.B. CooperGruen

Gruen, a wily ex-military officer turned insurance investigator, tries to be a nice guy for about ten minutes, but it's too much trouble, so he goes back to being a smart-mouthed, hard-ass determined to catch his man come hell or high water.

Click here to read the review of "The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper"

 The Rain People

Robert Duvall stars as Gordon in The Rain PeopleGordon

Gordon's macho motorcycle cop image hides an angry, confused man ready to explode into a rage with anyone who thwarts his desires.

Click here to read the review of "The Rain People"

 The Revolutionary

Robert Duvall starring as Despard in The RevolutionaryDespard

Despard is a communist labor leader who doesn't want to set the world aflame; he just wants it run his way.

Click here to read the review of "The Revolutionary" 

 The Road

Robert Duvall starring as the Old Man in The RoadOld Man

Alone, plodding to survive in a futuristic world of desolate torment, the old man hangs on to the vestiges of his humanity, showing kindness to a small boy.

Click here to read the review of "The Road"

 The Scarlet Letter

Robert Duvall starring as Roger Chillingsworth/Pyrnne in The Scarlett LetterRoger Chillingworth/Pyrnne

Already mentally unbalanced, this English colonist doctor becomes brutally insane upon learning of his wife's adultery and affections for another man.

Click here to read the review of "The Scarlet Letter"

 The Seven Per Cent Solution

Robert Duvall starring as Dr. Watson in The Seven-Per-Cent SolutionDr. Watson

A man of intelligence and action, Dr. Watson willingly goes to great lengths to help his drug addicted friend, Sherlock Holmes.

Click here to read the review of "The Seven Per Cent Solution"

 The Sixth Day

Robert Duvall starring as Dr. Griffin Weir in The Sixth DayDr. Griffin Weir

A futurist scientist, Dr. Weir lets his enormous love for his wife and his outstanding scientific abilities push him into blindly inventing a process that will one day be used for evil.

Click here to read the review of "The Sixth Day"

 The Stars Fell on Henrietta

Robert Duvall starring as Mr. Cox in The Stars Fell on HenriettaMr. Cox

A wildcat oil driller during the Depression, Mr. Cox is buoyantly optimistic and so sure of one day achieving success, he's willing to be a little bit of a Robin Hood to get it.

Click here to read the review of "The Stars Fell on Henrietta"

 The Stone Boy

Robert Duvall as Joe Hillerman in The Stone BoyJoe Hillerman

A farmer with three children, Joe bottles his grief when one son accidentally kills the other, but he manages to hold his crumbling family together even as his heart is breaking in silence.

Click here to read the review of "The Stone Boy" 

 The Terry Fox Story

Robert Duvall starring as Bill Vigars in The Terry Fox StoryBill Vigars

Bill is a go-getter publicist who doesn't want to go back to selling encyclopedias; however, he soon finds his concern for a young cancer victim overrides everything else.

Click here to read the review of "The Terry Fox Story"

 THX 1138

Robert Duvall starring as THX-1138 in THX-1138THX-1138

A man drugged to feelings by a futuristic government, THX's innate courage and intelligence help him in his quest for escape.

Click here to read the review of "THX 1138"

To Kill a Mockingbird 

Robert Duvall starring as Boo Radley in To Kill a MockingbirdBoo Radley

During the days of racial inequality and suspicion of anyone "different," Boo is a fragile spirit locked by his parents into their Southern home, where he escapes at night to leave small tokens of friendship to the children next door.

Click here to read the review of "To Kill a Mockingbird"


Robert Duvall starring as Jackson Fentry in TomorrowJackson Fentry

This poor, lonely farmer has a giant capacity for love and compassion, and a loyalty that never falters.

Click here to read the review of "Tomorrow"

True Confessions  

Robert Duvall starring as Det. Tom Spellacy in True ConfessionsDet. Tom Spellacy

Tom, a basically good cop who occasionally crosses the line, resents his brother the priest, is fed up with his hypocrisy, but still deeply loves him as he tries to solve the murder of a girl nobody else cares about.

Click here to read the review of "True Confessions"

True Grit  

Robert Duvall starring as Lucky Ned Pepper in True GritLucky Ned Pepper

Leader of a band of desperadoes, cunning Lucky Ned Pepper possesses raw sex appeal, a dry sense of humor, an overridden conscience, and luck that is about to run out.

Click here to read the review of "True Grit"

 Waylon Jennings: America 

Robert Duvall starring as "Doctor" in Waylon Jennings: AmericaDoctor

This quirky psychiatrist could make anyone feel better.


Click here to read the review of "Waylon Jennings: America"

 We Own the Night 

Robert Duvall starring as Burt Grusinsky in We Own the NightBurt Grusinsky

Burt is the chief of police in a big city, a tough, honest, old-fashioned kind of guy who continues to love his bad boy son even as he fights with him.

Click here to read the review of "We Own the Night"

Wrestling Ernest Hemingway  

Robert Duvall starring as Walter in Wrestling Ernest HemingwayWalter

Walt, a retired Cuban barber living in Florida and looking for love, is a slightly fussy, fastidious bachelor who is also charmingly shy, refreshingly honest, and captivatingly kindhearted.

Click here to read the review of "Wrestling Ernest Hemingway"

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