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Vicky J Rose Writing the West

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Treasure Hunt in Tie Town

When a bored and lonely rancher finds a treasure map, he decides to use it as an excuse not only to look for treasure, but for women for his nephews, who he fear are going to turn out like him. So gathering up his two good-looking young nephews and his old dog, Dud Washburn begins an adventure that has them crossing paths with a multitude of eccentric Old West characters. The land the treasure might be on is owned by an overbearing rancher, and the only way to get it is to win it in a poker game. Trouble is, the only one good enough at poker to win is a young widow the three searchers have picked up along the way.

The Washburn men find the women they were hoping for, except for the dog. He finds the treasure.

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Treasure Hunt in Tie Town by Vicky J Rose
Testimony by Vicky J Rose

Treasure Hunt in Tie Town by Vicky J Rose

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Toni is about to graduate from high school. Because of a hidden disability, her future looks like one long stretch of welfare and food stamps. When her grandfather drags her to West Texas to stay with Jack, a wealthy older man, for the summer, Toni finds herself falling in love and practically killing herself trying to be everything Jack could desire without compromising her virtue because she thinks her grandpa would murder her if she did.

However, the story is told from Jack’s point of view. He doesn’t realize there is something wrong with Toni, he just knows he’s falling hopelessly in love with her, and he does everything in his power to attract her to him. The trouble is, he’s hiding a secret, too, and his secret could tear them apart.

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2014 Spur Finalist for Best Short Fiction

La Frontera’s Broken Promises Anthology

With Stories by Today’s Western Writers

A Promise Broken, A Promise Kept

When a beautiful woman goes on trial for murdering a man who threatened to take away her ranch, a mysterious lawyer shows up to defend her.

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Broken Promises Bookcover



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